Friday, September 18, 2015

My Elegant Artificial Jewellery Collection

THEY look like real gold, but they are not. They are finery made of cheaper material but are designed like gold jewellery. With the increasing number of incidences of snatch thefts and robberies these days, more people are opting to adorn themselves with these imitation gold jewellery as they feel safer wearing the artificial ones.

In the not so distant past, wearing artificial jewellery was meant to be only for those who could not afford the authentic ones. Wear artificial jewellery used to be considered as low class and without standard but this attitude has changed now because people’s preferences has also changed with time. Many working women are no longer interested in heavy traditional jewellery and prefer wearing light weight jewellery for their daily routines. Jewellery manufacturers have also come to understand the need and demand for artificial jewellery and this industry is expanding fast. The availability of artificial jewellery in beautiful designs recently has brought a dramatic transformation in people’s preferences.

Stylish and elegant fashion jewellery can now be found everywhere and at reasonable prices too. Many of them are even more beautiful than the real ones because of their unlimited and exquisite designs. As it is impossible to buy real jewellery to go with every dress, it seems that wearing fashion jewellery is the only choice which our fairer sex could have. Below are photos of my elegant watch collection. After having been robbed of my most treasured gold chain and pendant, my desire for authentic jewellery has since gone. I prefer the artificial ones as I don't have to worry about being robbed anymore.


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